Replacing MSG/I+G/AYE

Recently, there has been increased desire from consumers to purchase foods with ‘kitchen cupboard’ ingredients.

The general perception among the average consumer, particularly in North America, has been to favor those foods which contain ingredients that were familiar to them in their youth. For example, if the consumer feels the ingredient could be found in a home kitchen it would be preferred to an identical product containing standard preservatives and flavor enhancers. This trend has put increased demand on the food industry as formulators try to retain flavor, food safety, and cost competitiveness. Standard technology for flavor enhancement in products as diverse as stocks, marinades, and ready-to-eat meats has been the use of monosodium glutamate (MSG), autolyzed yeast extract (AYE), and nucleotides such as inosinate/guanylate (I+G). The consumer’s avoidance of foods containing those ingredients has caused a shift in industry as manufacturers look to more natural ways of boosting flavour.

Camlow™ is derived from vegetables and addresses manufacturers’ need to remove MSG, AYE, and I+G. Camlow™ P is a natural source of umami enhancing compounds that can be used at very low dosages. This allows Camlow™ P to be cost competitive to formulators while retaining the flavour profile that consumers desire.

Replace MSG, AYE and I+G with natural flavor enhancer Camlow™!

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Camlow™ P provides natural flavor enhancement in a variety of applications without relying on chemically synthesized flavor enhancers.  We have successfully replaced MSG/I+G/AYE in soups, stocks, gravies, pepperoni, deli meat, tomato sauces, etc. Camlow™ P works at remarkably low dosages (0.08-0.2%) to replace common flavor enhancers such as MSG, I+G and AYE which consumers deem to be undesirable. Due to its natural source and minimal processing the label claim is “natural flavor”. The low dosages at which Camlow™ P works best allow it to be cost equivalent to MSG. Due to the product’s low cost-in-use, label-friendliness and potential applications, Camlow™ P provides many benefits over traditional flavor enhancers.

In the snack industry, topical seasonings often use traditional chemically synthesized flavor enhancers to create the desired flavor profile.  In general, that flavor profile has a quick onset and a short tail.  Camlow™ is used to improve the flavor profile of topical seasonings, and remove undesirable ingredients from label declarations. Due to its natural source and minimal processing the label claim is “natural flavor”.  The product’s granulation allows for easy blending into existing formulations.  For example, a typical nacho chip seasoning contains high levels of MSG and I+G as flavor enhancers.  Simply removing these ingredients from the formulation would leave the flavor profile flat and less desirable for consumers.  However, Camlow™ is rich in umami and its addition to the seasoning blend boosts the defining nacho flavors and creates a more desirable product.