Topical Seasonings

Products that are seasoned topically are typically tumbled with the seasoning blend at temperature. Eg. Potato chips Reduction/Replacement Camlow™ P or BP can help reduce sodium by between 25-50% or replace standard flavor enhancers (MSG/I+G) in a seasoning blend. Particularly effective with cheese, garlic and onion flavors. Benefits Clean-label flavor enhancer, Non-GMO, low cost in


Breads are generally high in sodium content due to salts from leavening acids in addition to NaCl crystals. However, it is difficult to remove salt from bread as it has 3 functions: Texture, flavor, shelf life Reduction/Replacement Camlow™ BP uses a different carrier to maintain gluten structure and overall texture of bread. We have successfully

Sweet Baked Goods

Processed sweet baked goods typically do not contain very much sodium, however their flavor profile generally sees a large sugar spike at the beginning of the taste curve and a bitter or bland tail. Eg. Brownie Reduction/Replacement Camlow™ BP acts as a flavor enhancer to round of the flavor profile, to give a clean and