Natural Sodium Reduction and MSG/I+G/AYE Replacement.

Camlow - Natural Sodium Reduction - Lasagna

Natural Sodium Reduction

Pressure for industry to reduce sodium has created challenges for developers looking to create salt reduced products. The food industry is looking for natural sodium reduction tools that meet consumers’ demand for healthy, ‘kitchen cupboard’ ingredients.

Camlow™ functions as a salt substitute without potassium chloride. Sodium reductions of up to 50% have been achieved in new product development and reformulations.

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Replace MSG/I+G/AYE

The food industry is cleaning up its act. Consumer demand is driving producers to replace MSG with natural flavor enhancers. The umami enhancing compounds in Camlow™ create a similar flavor enhancement but with a clean label declaration.

Natural MSG replacement options can be very costly. Camlow™ is used at very low dosages, making it a cost competitive MSG alternative.


Application Development

Research and development teams are often overwhelmed with many priority projects. Our application lab provides expertise and experience in sodium reduction and natural flavor enhancement.

Bring us your formulation challenge and let us collaborate with you on the best solution to meet your label requirements and flavor profile.